Cloud-native data warehouse for big data.

Bring Together All Your Data

Eliminate data silos and copies--our unique technology brings together diverse data without sacrificing performance or flexibility.

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100x Faster

100x Faster Analytics

Analysts get answers faster because with Snowflake they get access to data quickly and can elastically scale to meet the demands of all workloads and users.

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80% Less Cost & Complexity

Eliminate cost and complexity--no infrastructure, knobs, or tuning, and pay for only what you use.

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Why Snowflake? See for Yourself

Snowflake is awesomely fast, allows us to store data at a low cost and deploy exactly the compute capacity needed, and does all of that without requiring tuning or tweaking.

Matt Solnit

Founder and VP of Engineering, SOASTA

What's New at Snowflake

Automatic Query Optimization. No Tuning!

Hopefully you had a chance to read all our previous top 10 posts. We now conclude the series with a final deep dive into my #1 Cool Feature from Snowflake: #1 A

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The latest tweets from Snowflake

Having fun w/ partner @Informatica @ #INFA16 - stop by our booth & learn how we bring together #data via #cloud [

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Snowflake is Reinventing the Data Warehouse

Hear Snowflake CEO Bob Muglia talk about the future of data warehousing and how customers are using Snowflake's data warehouse as a service on theCUBE.

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