Cloud-Native Elastic Data Warehouse Service

We started with a clear vision: a data warehouse should make it easy to bring together all your data and make it available to all of the users and systems that need to analyze it. Because conventional data warehouses and big data solutions are increasingly struggling to do that, we took a new approach: we reinvented the data warehouse from the cloud up for today’s data and analytics. The result: a data warehouse that is more flexible, scalable, and easy to use than anything else available.


Data Warehouse as a Service

You use a data warehouse to bring together data and analyze it–everything else is overhead. With Snowflake’s Elastic Data Warehouse you can focus on loading and querying your data–we take care of the rest. Built on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, Snowflake makes dealing with hardware and software, managing data partitioning, ensuring availability, enforcing security, and tuning knobs and parameters things of the past.

Read more about delivering data warehousing as a service in our whitepaper.


Multidimensional Elasticity

Built from the ground up to leverage all the capabilities of the cloud, the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse eliminates today’s limits to scalability. Our unique multidimensional elasticity scales up and down on-the-fly to support any scale of data, workloads, and users.

Read more about our unique architecture.


All Business Data

Snowflake is designed for the diversity of your data and data sources. Our elastic data warehouse understands all your business data, whether from traditional sources or newer machine-generated sources, and makes it possible to combine structured and semi-structured data like JSON, Avro, or XML in a single query. Snowflake uses SQL as its core language, making it possible for not just data scientists but also any analyst to directly access data.

Read more in our semi-structured data processing whitepaper.


Performance On Demand

Snowflake gets results faster, at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. Our high-performance columnar database engine uses advanced optimizations to deliver differentiated performance on diverse data. Combine that with our multidimensional elasticity to scale up and down exactly when needed, and you get compelling price : performance.

Read more in our whitepapers.

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