Pricing for the Snowflake Service is based on the actual usage of storage and compute.

Pay only for what you use

Scale storage and compute usage independently

Benefit from cloud economies of scale

Get started and scale with options that fit your needs

Snowflake offers multiple editions of our cloud data warehouse service to fit different needs. For usage-based pricing with no long-term commitments, sign up for Snowflake On Demand™ – a fast and easy way to get access to Snowflake. Or secure pricing discounts with pre-purchased Snowflake Capacity options. For Snowflake Capacity options, contact us for additional information.

  • Snowflake On Demand
  • Storage - US
  • Compute - US
  • Storage - EU (Frankfurt)
  • Compute - EU (Frankfurt)
  • Snowflake Capacity
  • Storage - US
  • Storage - EU (Frankfurt)
  • Compute - US and EU (Frankfurt)
  • Database Features
  • Complete SQL Data Warehouse
  • Native support for JSON, Avro, XML, and Parquet
  • Connectors for ETL, BI, and apps
  • Command line & Web-based user interface
  • Unlimited database size
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Instant, zero-copy cloning
  • Multi-cluster warehouse
  • Data history retention
  • Support Offerings
  • Business hours support M-F
  • Premier support for Sev 1: 24 x 365
  • Service availability SLA
  • Sev 1 Response Times
  • Security Features
  • Always-on data encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Role-based access control
  • IP address whitelisting
  • Federated authentication
  • Annual rekeying of all encrypted data
  • Enhanced data and security policy
  • Encryption of all data transmissions inside Snowflake
  • Support for PHI HIPAA Data
  • Security Validations
  • SOC 2 Type 2
  • Support for HIPAA compliance

Standard Edition

Premier Edition

Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition for Sensitive Data

Understanding Snowflake Pricing

Pricing for the Snowflake Service is based on the volume of data stored in Snowflake and the compute hours used. For more information, read our pricing guide or contact us.

Download our pricing guide

The decoupling of compute and storage, the simplicity of SaaS and the pay-for-what-you-consume model made it easy to choose Snowflake compared to any of the legacy alternatives we considered.

Ananth Reddy


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