PDX Case study

See how PDX uses Snowflake to monetize data and effectively provide insights to 10,000+ pharmacies.

Research Now reinvents their data warehouse with Snowflake on AWS

“The biggest change for us has been was that we didn’t take the additional $5-10 million black eye required to double our existing on-premises all-in- one solution. When we did the proof of concept, Snowflake came in better on price compared to the industry leading solution, at comparable performance.”

Michael Bigby – CTO Research Now

Sharethrough case study

Sharethrough significantly improved performance by 2000x using Snowflake and it’s integrated ecosystem.

IAC Publishing Labs case study

See how IAC Publishing Labs leveraged Snowflake on AWS to consolidate a 100 N Hadoop and 36 N legacy data warehouse appliance.

Chime Case Study

See how Chime (chimecard.com), a smarter banking solution provider for the mobile generation, uses Snowflake to create a personalized experience for its mobile application users.

Jana Case Study

See how Jana leveraged Snowflake to keep up with the business demands of processing and analyzing a rapidly growing stream of data.

CapSpecialty Case Study

Learn how analysts at insurance provider, CapSpecialty, are able to securely use the power of Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse to query 10 years of data within 15 minutes.

Accordant Media Case Study

Snowflake Computing Empowers Accordant Media’s Optimized Media Purchasing

Authored by Enterprise Management Associates

This case study documents the impacts of the Snowflake Computing platform on the Accordant Media organization. It also details the value of the Elastic Data Warehouse to Accordant Media, particularly its technical infrastructure and analytical results teams.

Highlights from Accordant Media’s implementation of the Snowflake Computing cloud-based solution include the following:

  • 80% reduction in time spent on the creation of each environment
  • 3–5x improvement in both analytical responsive time frames and iterations
  • 7x improvement in target audience audit reported.

White Ops Case Study

Learn how cyber security provider White Ops was able to consolidate data in one place, and while reducing ad fraud detection from more than 24 hours to less than 2 hours by using the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse.