Snowflake for Hadoop Replacement

When you are looking for an alternative to Hadoop, turn to Snowflake. Snowflake requires no software stack to certify, provision, and maintain. Snowflake also provides a single, robust ANSI SQL environment, that is ACID-compliant, to query all of your diverse data. Learn more in our solution brief.

Snowflake & Looker

Transforming Business Decision-Making With a Next-Generation on Cloud Data Architecture.

Accelerating Insight with the Cloud

Informatica, Tableau and Snowflake provide a simple solution to accelerate structured and semi-structured data access to analysts, while providing the ability to add data sources easily.


Delivering Universal Access to Data

Snowflake and Informatica offer a proven data management solutions for bringing together diverse data with the agility and scalability needed to provide universal access to data and analytics.

Fast Track to Analytics: Cloud-Native Data warehouse

The fast track to analytics requires a scalable data warehousing solution, that can get data to users easily while requiring less management, and combining all the users’ data in one place. However this can be challenging with today’s complex and inelastic legacy data warehouses and big data platforms. Snowflake’s Elastic Data warehouse is the answer.