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Demystifying Elastic Data Warehousing: Enabling High-Speed Analytics in the Cloud

  • Q&A: Elastic Data Warehousing: A Modern Solution for Data Analytics
What do elastic data warehouses offer, what do they look like, and what technologies do they use?
In this interview with Jon Bock, vice president of product and marketing at Snowflake Computing, we discuss the challenges, benefits, and use cases of elastic data warehouses, as well as how to evaluate the technology.
  • Top 5 Reasons for Data Warehouse Modernization

In recent surveys by TDWI Research, roughly half of respondents report that they will replace their primary data warehouse (DW) platform and/or analytic tools within three years. Ripping out and replacing a DW or analytics platform is expensive for IT budgets and intrusive for business users. This raises the question:

What circumstances would lead so many people down such a dramatic path?

  • The Elastic Data Warehouse: Data Warehousing Reinvented for the Cloud

For enterprises looking to move from on-premises solutions to the cloud, the elastic data warehouse offers a new way to merge the power of the cloud with the needs of a 21st-century enterprise.

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