During the 30-Day Trial

Q. What’s included in my 30-day free trial?
A. 30-day access to the Snowflake edition you select with a limit of 500 credits of compute.

Q. Will you charge my credit card when I sign up?
A. No. Your credit card will be subject to a normal pre-authorization credit balance check. We will not charge your card without notifying you after the trial has expired or credit limit reached.

Q. What are Snowflake credits and how do I use them?
A. Compute resources in Snowflake are based on credits, which differ depending on the Snowflake edition you signed up for. Click here for more information on Snowflake credits.

Q. How do I see how many credits I have used?
A. Users with the ACCOUNTADMIN role can use the Snowflake web interface to view monthly and daily credit usage for all warehouses in your account. Click on Account » Billing & Usage.

Q. What happens if my account balance reaches the 500-credit limit?
A. We will notify you by email. At this time, you will have the choice to cancel or express the desire to continue with paid usage of your Snowflake account. Otherwise, when you reach the 500-credit limit, we will suspend your account until we hear from you.

Q. Once I sign up, how do I cancel?
A. Contact support@snowflake.net and provide your account information. We will then notify you when your account has been canceled.

After the 30-Day Trial

Q. What happens when the 30-day trial ends?
A. If you continue to use your Snowflake account, we will bill your credit card for any additional usage, after notifying you about it.

Q. What happens if I don’t use my account?
A. Your account is subject to deactivation for inactivity of 60 days or more.