Ad Hoc Analytics


Conventional data warehouses were designed for a world in which static, predictable queries on highly refined data were the norm. They provided a wide array of knobs and parameters for the user or database administrator to tune based on their knowledge of the queries and workloads to be run. That’s impossible in today’s world.

Snowflake designed an adaptive system built to handle today’s diverse data and queries. By automatically adapting and optimizing without knobs and tuning, Snowflake provides a system that can keep up with the demands of ad hoc usage. Snowflake’s high-performance processing of structured and semi-structured data also delivers interactive performance without complex data pipelines.

Learn more about Snowflake’s unique architecture in our whitepaper Inside the Elastic Data Warehouse

“Snowflake enables us to unlock large datasets to make it possible for business analysts, developers and account managers to ask their own questions directly of the data.”

Tamer Hassan
Co-Founder and CTO

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