Data Warehouse Modernization


Traditional data warehouses are reaching their breaking point—their cost, inflexibility, and complexity can’t keep up with today’s dynamic demands. Limits to scalability and concurrency have led to proliferation of formal and informal data marts, which silo data and add cost and administrative overhead.

Snowflake offers a solution that makes it possible to escape the limitations of traditional offerings. Snowflake’s unique architecture makes it possible to consolidate data marts—store all your data in one central location, but still have the ability to scale users and workloads without performance contention. Prepare yourself for current and future needs with a data warehouse that can handle diverse data, structured and semi-structured, in a single system.

Transitioning to a better solution doesn’t require starting over—Snowflake is built for standard SQL, so the tools and skills you already have will still work and you won’t have to start over.

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“Using Snowflake we’ve been able to simplify our data pipeline, keep more data available for analysis, and do all of that significantly faster and cheaper than our previous on-premises solution. Snowflake just works, allowing us to take people and money that would otherwise be spent on care and feeding of the data warehouse and instead focusing them on developing new analytics.“

Britt Crawford

VP Analytics & Asset Management


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