Office Hours: Featuring Zeeto 

Date: June 12, 2018

Time: 10:00 AM PT

Join Snowflake and Zeeto to get answers to your most pressing data analytics challenges

Zeeto is revolutionizing the digital advertising industry. Unlike many ad networks that rely on contextual clues, Zeeto uncovers consumer insights by collecting answers to simple questions. But prior to Snowflake, Zeeto’s “homegrown” data warehouse couldn’t instantly and efficiently access the storage and compute needed to serve its thousands of customers. Zeeto spent its time digging through data only to be forced into gut decisions.

During this live office hours session:

  • Learn how implementing Snowflake transformed Zeeto’s business.
  • Ask questions about how to solve your data challenges.

Your questions will drive the conversation, so be ready to get answers and insights to all your burning data warehouse and data analytics questions.