Why Snowflake

We reinvented the data warehouse as a service, delivering a service capable of solving problems that today’s legacy systems simply cannot.

All your data in one place

  • The inflexibility of today’s data warehousing and big data solutions means you can’t put all the data in one place
  • Snowflake makes it possible to store all your business data in one service, ready for any analyst to use at any time
  • Our data warehouse service natively understands and optimizes both structured and semi-structured data. Load any data, without a predefined schema, and query it using SQL

“I can’t say enough about how fantastic the native JSON support is. Using SQL, Snowflake lets us load our JSON data as is, flatten it all out, load it into the event tables, and then parse that into views”

Josh McDonald, Director of Analytics Engineering, KIXEYE.


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Lightning fast results at any scale

  • Snowflake enables its customers to provide their analysts fast access to data
  • With Snowflake you can scale resources up and down at any time without impact. Get rapid results regardless of data size, intensity of workloads
  • Move data from source to analysts in minutes rather than hours

Hear about how Ask.com uses Snowflake to deliver speed-of-thought analytics to multiple groups of analysts
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Without the cost and complexity

  • Customers get to concentrate on solving business problems rather than tackling tactical issues.
  • Snowflake delivers a zero-management data warehouse as a service
  • Customers only pay for what and as they consume in terms of warehouses and data storage

“It was going to cost close to half a million dollars just for licensing costs, and that would only double the speed.”

Ken Wood, Data Team Manager, CapSpecialty


Read the case study

(Snowflake) just works, getting us answers an order of magnitude faster, without manual tuning and management. As a result we can do 100 times more queries per day, helping us give our clients richer analysis.



Introducing the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse

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